Young Driver's Car Insurance

Pay as you drive car insurance is fast becoming a reality in the UK as parents look at alternative ways to reduce costs and find cheaper car insurance for young drivers. It is estimated that within the next few years 50% of young drivers will move to GPS tracking insurance polices in the hope of cheaper car insurance.

Current research now shows that fitting a GSP tracker can cut accidents by one-fifth and that 20% were less likely to be involved in an accident than those without a GPS tracking device.

With the average young male driver between 17 and 23 now paying £3,163 a year for car insurance and young female drivers paying £1,799, the time has come to look at car insurance differently.

GPS tracking devices
Vehicle tracking for insurance purpose is still relatively new, but quickly gaining popularity with young drivers and learner drivers. The GPS tracking system is mounted to the car by the insurance company and records data which the insurance companies use to monitor the driving habits of the young driver. The tracking device can monitor speed, acceleration, braking, time of travel and records the up to the date location of the vehicle. GPS tracking provides valuable information for vehicle insurance companies which is then used to set the premium and hopefully provide cheaper car insurance for young drivers.

Each insurance company then monitors and adjusts the price depending on their policy

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